ACE CAMP is a Buddhist camp organized for young adults aged 17 to 30 years old. The objectives of the camp is to
(A) Share the Buddhist faith to young people
(B) Build strong spiritual friendships amongst the participants

For ACE Camp 2014, the theme is "RECONNECT WITH FRIENDS, RENEW YOUR FAITH". We are specifically welcoming EXISTING MEMBERS and OLD FRIENDS (past campers & former members) to come back together to reconnect old friendships, renew our faith in the Buddha, Dhamma and Sangha and to rejuvenate our spirits.

We are also open to NEW FRIENDS joining us too, so fret not if you are new to Buddhism or to our group.

DATE       : 6 June, Friday to 8 June, Sunday
Location   : The Temple of Thanksgiving | Poh Ern Shih | 9 Chwee Chian Road
FEE          : S$50/-
For existing members, former campers of Camp Ehi-Passiko and ACE Camp and former members of SBM Youth who are still students, you can give a token sum of any amount you can afford as a dana (donation/offering).
AGE         : 17 to 30 years old

You can also have a view the summary video of ACE Camp 2012 to have a preview of the camp:

ACE signifies our conviction that the Buddhist faith can help youths achieve excellence and success in their daily lives.

The lion is the king of the jungle and the Buddha has on occasions, "represents himself as the stateley lion and to describe his proclamation of the Dhamma, bold and thunderous, as a veritable lions roar in the spiritual domain". The animal also symbolizes courage and bravery and we hope that Buddhist youths in Singapore will stand firmly by their faith. The roar of the lion is majestic and commands respect by its counterparts, just like how we want our youths to take pride of their Buddhist faith and take the lead in sharing the teachings to their peers and in doing good in the society.

Feel feel to contact our Camp Masters, Xiong (97599802) or Kerwin (94888903) or email us at if you have any queries.


The Singapore Buddhist Mission's youth group is a fellowship of young and vibrant Buddhists who seek to balance spiritual pursuits with youthful living and to build strong spiritual friendships grounded in the Buddha-Dhamma.  

SBM Youth has been running Buddhist youth camps for more than 17 years. Its flagship project, Camp Ehi-Passiko, is held annually with more than a hundred youth participants for each run. SBM Youth also organises Camp LIONS, a leadership training camp, for Buddhist youth leaders. 



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Just an additional piece of information to share, in the days leading up to ACE Camp 2013, we collected people's Aspiration for 2013 in our booth during Vesak Day 2013 event in SBM. You take a look at the Aspirations made by the well-wishers here.  


For more pictures, visit Album on Facebook.