(Collected on SBM Vesak Day Celebration 2013)
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"I wish I can grow taller" - Yiling

"May everyone be well and happy" - Shaowei ♥ Pingni

"May all beings be free from suffering!" - Sabrina

"My wish is to have good results for my exam! and my family to be well and happy!" - Trisha

"May everyone be free from suffering!" - Weiliang

"I wish for the best health and grades for all. HAPPY VESAK DAY EVERYONE!" - Ling 

"To score A1 for all subject & to go to my ideal JC" - Rayner

"May all pass their exams with flying colours!" - Su

"I wish for the 19th Student Leaders' Convention to be a success!" - Keefy

"1) Good Health
2) Happiness
3) Career Prospect" - Shanice

"May all be well and happy!" - Melody

"May wish to have all human beings be happy. Unseen/seen be well & happy" - Lucky

"Wish everyone Happy & Healthy" - Pauline

"Things that I want
- Grades
- Family
- Games!" - R.KXD

"May all beings seen/unseen be well and happy. May they be liberated." - Yeok Thin

"SBM Youth A New Height" - Sudatta Eng

"I wish to for all to be well!" - Someone Kind