Camp Lions

LIONS - Leading and Inspiring Young Buddhists in Singapore

Class of 2010
The inaugural, 2009.

CAMP LIONS is an annual Buddhist youth leadership camp organized by youth leaders from various Buddhist organizations across the three traditions in Singapore.

The 4-days-3-nights camp serves as a platform for youth leaders to come together to share ideas and learn from one another, and to build strong spiritual friendships, irrespective of the Buddhist groups we come from and the traditions we adhere to.  In turn, we hope to build a strong, faithful and united Buddhist community in Singapore.

 We name the camp LIONS because the animal not only symbolizes our country, Singapore, but also the most regal Lord Buddha. LIONS is also an abbreviation of our tagline: Leading and Inspiring Youth Buddhists in Singapore. Our slogan, Not Startled, Like A Lion, At Sounds, is a phrase from the Khaggavisana Sutta, and is a reminder to Buddhist youth leaders to be fearless and steadfast in their cultivation and service to the Buddhist community.
Stay tune for more information on our third installation, Camp Lions 2011.

CAMP LIONS from Liew Shi Xiong on Vimeo.