Sunday, July 20, 2008

Ven Bodhi’s came back again to start our usually Saturday sharing. Since it has been a while since she last saw us, she did some catching up with everyone and started a round of random but meaningful discussion. She advised us not to speculate and pour our emotions on the Ven Ming Yi’s case. As bystanders, our opinions and speech can actually do more harm than good. Hence it is wise to keep quiet on the issue until we get our facts right.

Ven Bodhi suggested that we can do a Buddhist analysist on Gaming and how it affects the mind of youuths or pre-teens.

One of our friends also shared with us on the difficulty in communicating and understanding parents. Ven Bodhi’s advice was to be patient while trying to explore ways to convey the message across to parents. Even though many of us joked and laughed at the issue, I could sense that deep down, we are still a very concerned group. If our friend needs help, we’ll be there to support and guide, all the way!

Overall, it was a warm and enjoyable session. We were also happy to see some old friends back again! Sadhu!!!

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Anonymous said...

Gaming affects a person's emotions to the extent of deviating from the Eightfold Path. Thus when engaging in gaming, caution must be taken.

Anonymous said...

What does it mean to deviate from the Eightfold Path?

Xiong said...

I think it's ok to have fun with gaming as a Buddhist, just not indulge in it too much that it becomes an addiction. Buddha did encourage lay people to enjoy their lives and satisfy their senses but not to overindulge or to starve from.