Saturday, August 30, 2008

Last words Last thoughts

These are words spoken from a religious leader ending his last phase of life in this worldy world. Its his Last Words, Last Thoughts and Last Chance to inspire the world. Many people can proclaim how one should be detacted from this body and let go of this vessel (physical body). But none can examplify it more than Late Chief Rev Dr K. Sri Dhammananda in his Last speech to the world... He is the "real Buddhist Leader" as claimed by his friend, Dr Annuruddha Maha Thera.

"I never actually thought that I would have the chance to see and talk to you (again). Half of my body is dead, but my heart, my mind still has energy (to go on).What is this diseased body? Is it life? (Our body) is not life, but just a house (containing this physical body). Life is "energy". The coming together of mental, kammic and cosmic forces - that is life. "
"When the body decays, life goes away. Actually we must be happy when the time comes to depart without suffering. To crave so much for the body, we spend our whole life decorating it, looking after it. One day it will decay and when the body elements dissipate, then the mental energy will go on to build another house."

He actually did it...Happy was he to leave this world without suffering. May his teachings continue to guide us and inspire us... It inspired me. Hope it will for you.

**the rest of the article can be found in Shi Xiong's Blog.**


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