Friday, September 26, 2008

find Your Strength

From Mabel's blog:

"In the past week, I've learnt better to cherish. I've seen and personally experienced the manifestation of a basic Buddhist concept- Impermanence. Bad news have wrangled me, crushed me to the ground, caused me to struggle, to lose strength at a certain point in time. It struck me not once; but twice in three days.

When I knelt before the Buddha, I hesitated- I could not see my faith, I was so confused, my mind was everywhere, I didn't know what to do or what to say. I continued to kneel before him, in a desperate attempt to bring my mind back from its wandering state. I offered my first prostration and recalled he times he has guided me with his teachings in life. For the second time, I revered to learn more from him and for the last, I thanked him. His image brought me great comfort in this turbulent period, he reminded me that the present is what matters. Then I recalled, what Venerable Bodhi taught us: It's not that Buddhists do not feel sorrow upon the loss of their loved ones, it's just that they are able to turn over at a faster rate than others. Thus, they are not above sadness, but able to let go of these negative emotions and move on faster than others do."

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Anonymous said...

Dear Mabel, hope u have come to a closure over your rough spots. That's part of growing up. The Triple Gem will be with u as u course through those growing pain. and me too, i'll be there when u wanna talk,k? Blessings - Ven. Bodhi