Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Lets perfect ourselves

Many of us gathered at Mandai crematorium today to send our last regards to a departed friend and brother, Liwei. It was truely a painful and sorrowful experience. An experience that may or may not fade in time but will never be forgotten. This experience of Dukkha will be etched in our hearts.

After witnessing his departure at the viewing gallary, we had to walk past the glass window that separated us from the furnance. I could see the tracks made on the ground to allow the machine to roll coffins after coffins into the furnance. These thoughts arose:

"It is painful enough to see a dear friend rolled into the furnace.
To think that there are actually many more love ones passing through,
The painful is beyond imagination, unthinkable.

The Buddha must have undergone and understood pain much greater than this
to be able to realise and tell us the first noble truth."

With that, I give my all due respect to our Lord Buddha and truely hope that may Liwei and all of us be blessed to be able to recieve the Buddha's teachings and strive to perfect ourselves. May our dear brother be reborn in a place where the Triple Gem exists. Till we meet again.

- Zeming

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