Monday, September 22, 2008


On Sunday morning, we embarked on our second 'Temple Hopping', as part of the publicity drive for Camp Ehi-Passiko 2008. With our mind still preoccupied with Liwei's sudden departure, this work we are doing is ever more meaningful, as Camp Ehi-Passiko 2003 was the one event that brought him into the group. Still, life must go on and work must be done.

The first temple of the day was Buddhist Library. The crowd is a bit younger but they warmed up quickly to the presentation by Hangqi, Kianchong, Vicky, Fu Zhong and Xiao Hei. I thought Fu Zhong spoke really very well and summarized important points that the rest have missed! Good job!

At the end of the session, Alvin took the stage and led the kids through a Shark Attack camp cheer, which the kids and the Dhamma teachers thoroughly enjoyed!

The second and last stop is Tai Pei Buddhist Centre, where the crowd is much older. We met the Abbess of the Buddhist Centre, who made us laugh and helped ease any anxiety, when she made a joke about Vicky as an actor. And we are also very thankful for the Dhamma teachers at Tai Pei, especially Sister Meifang. They were kind and polite and very helpful and ecnouraging during our time there. They are what you should see in a true practicing Buddhist, ever mindful of his/her speech, thoughts and action. The teachers at Tai Pei are really very inspiring and a reminder that the most basic Buddhist practice is our day to day interaction with the people around us.

Next week, we'll be off to Kong Meng San's Sunday School, and hopefully more temples will allow us to come and then we can share with them more on Camp Ehi-Passiko. If you guys are interested, please feel free to join us on a Sunday, as we visit various temples in Singapore.

With the entire day spent on the hard work of sharing the Dhamma earnestly, I can feel the passion and sincerity the boys have towards their Buddhist youth work. And it is heartening to see them stepping up. So good job once again.

And with a pure and sincere mind of sharing the Dhamma and working fo the Buddhist community of Singapore, may whatever merits that we may have accrued be share with our dearest Dhamma brother, Liwei. May he gain a favourable rebirth and to learn Buddhism again.

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Anonymous said...

Well done guys! Vicky looked great in
suit :) I appreciate especially your strength in times of sorrow over Liwei's departure. Well done guys!! - Ven. Bodhi