Sunday, October 5, 2008

Logistic Stock Take @ Lim Chu Kang Crab Farm

1/2 Logistic Master 'Asura' Fu Zhong wants to do logistic stock taking and thus he gathered a 'force' from the youth group and set off in 2-vehicle convoy towards Crab Farm @ Lim Chu Kang, our storage area. Here are some of the photos in 4 parts! Watch out for Zeming and his new friend, the friendly husky dog!

Part 1. Hard @ Work:

(ii) Zeming enjiys a close affinity with the Siberian Husky
(iii) Cat

(iv) 大工gao4成!(Sorry the last time I took Chinese was in JC, which was, er, 4 years ago.)


Report by Cheesey the Shutter Bug of Singapore Buddhist Mission.

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