Thursday, November 20, 2008

Days before the Leaders Camp - As a Matter of Fact. Here's a Note.


I hope the people who are engaged in 'combat' in COD4 be ready cos Lt Tsukimoto is on the way to joining the ranks, or to pit his strategic and fast fingers skills against you. For the ladies, hoped u have a great week shopping and reading yourselves away to tests and exams. And for guys who are playing soccer, lets hope you guys can play like what you guys would normally play. but then again, the tigers left are still gonna munch u up if we have the chance. hah. kidding. but i think its time to have some fitness fun after exams, on day 0, and when we prep for camp.

At this juncture, let me shed some light on what i could really see is happening in SBM youth right now. As of this current moment, we have seen the light of new leaders performing way above expectations, even though one can say 'lets not give too much attention too those who did alot for fear of complacency', but i personally feel we still cannot take away the credit of the person who has done well, thus, lets praise objectively so that we do not get ourselves too carried away, in many cases just like tat.

For the current working team of 25, i congratulate you guys fo you have somehow or rather placed youselves in duties and facing the crowd and being the ambassadors in roles and responsiblities so different from each other, from Kaiwen and Jianyong being the host, till Vicky taking up the game master role completely and Fuzhong (I'll call him FZ, he's really cool now, the more i look at it) settling himself well in the position of the logistics man. Forester is doing well and as much as we worry about firepower in the committee to steel-check the team, Felicia Kang is still firey, but with a logical and certain amount of reason, so don't play a fool. Mabel is a marvel, with some of the good work and Hangqi trying every bit to bring back CEP's best moments.
I'm happy to see Cherng Shing and Andrina take up roles of campfire masters, and though its not an easy job, it would be interesting. Many others have settled down, and i would prompt those who have yet to be given certain roles, stake claim for it, for remember, SBM Youth is an organisation made according to your interest, role as buddhist and cultivators.

As much as everything that has happened before and over SBM Youth, i hope to have an official closure. And since everyone is really still down with the relevant work to do in their lives or in the youth groups, i wanna give this a real positive closure for us to move on as much as possible in our whole timeline.
Every group has their own ups and downs, i believe every social organization in this social world goes through an illusion of individuality, and as a result comes into a cultural norm that 'once u come together, u are one, and once u divide, there u'll fall'.

But more than a decade is passed and when i first joined sbm youth, it was the unity that bonded everyone in it that truly impressed me. Its true that people here have either passed on, joined their ranks in society to pursue the trail of success and some are still as a result of further commitments which are really positive, have chosen to move forth. We also witnessed many new comings and for sure to say, we have surely been through a hell lot.

For the team that is riding the waves now, taking the initiatives in SBM Youth and continuing the forge forward what former seniors have done for and with us, let us recognise the potential at which we still can grow and help to propagate the buddhist teachings to nominal buddhist youths through our own brand of swash-buckling youth activities that hit everyone in the heart.

Its our effort that counts in the end. No personal ego nor pride can stop a team victory whenever we step forth and face tons of campers lining up at registration counters, cheering our every bit of self-made original cheers, our songs hand-picked for cameraderie.
For those who have been through camps, you know it when i say all these things that how you yearn for these times to come back and how much u look forward to camp every single year.
We have been trained to deal with all situations in camp and still feel like there's a tinge of feeling for this camp that everyone, and i mean everyone that recognises their own efforts in putting it together.

For the team working hard on it now, feeling the intensity of the camp and also to prepare on how to impress the next batch of buddhist youths that have chosen the path to come to us in search of realising certain teachings that have been prevalent in the world today, let us remember the former energy, strive with new vibe from the new formed team, forget about the personal aversions that bringing every single barrier to every single step, and to overcome misunderstandings, quarrels, difficult situations that we might come to face time and time again, to grow even stronger from all quandaries, and become even more bonded, as a GROUP.

I believe from now on and the strength that i see that is growing everyday in the new team, everything is possible once again. And i would like to appreciate everyone of you putting in the efforts, yet also constantly being mindful of your actions within our own temple. With this balance, lets aim far.

CEP - Here We Come!

- Alvin Yeo

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