Sunday, November 9, 2008

Message from General Committee of SBM

For the first time we see our Youth leaders are engaged in reading aloud Kathina participant names, carrying Buddhist flags, putting on White clothings and always on the move to help when needed.. We received good feedback from devotees. Many of them are also encouraged of youth effort to engage new youths in their forth coming camp.
Dear, Zeming / Shixiong..
Pls feel free to copy this e-mail to your youth leaders. They did a good job today.
Ven Dhammika and the GCs would like to extend our appreciation for their job well done. I am very sure, our Chief ( in Hong Kong ) is also delighted to hear of your achievement. Good work and march-on happily.

-- General Committee of Singapore Buddhist Mission.

May the youth group and the Mission grow in wisdom and compassion ith the day's blessings! May all beings be well and happy. Sadhu...

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