Monday, November 17, 2008

SBM Youth - The Big Give - A Youth Initiative 2009

We all had a great talk today and the event was a success with campers getting more enthusiastic towards the camp and us getting used to the mood and atmosphere of camps once again.

However, we also singled out the difficulties and executing alot of our stuff due to the lack of equipments and constant starvation of camp items we really need in order for the camp to be run successfully. Thus i asked for a wish list and after a long period of consideration of all the needed items, here is the list and the procedures that people can take if they really take interest and hope to help us in anyways possible to make our camp successful!

Here it is - SBM Youth - THE BIG GIVE!

Brief Introduction and Objectives of this Youth Initiative

Singapore Buddhist Mission (Youth) has seen 12 years of its camp activities, catering to more than 2000 campers in total along the whole duration and has also facilitating the training of around 200 future Buddhist leaders in the execution of the camps. Also, as the youth group dedicated to their main centre, the Singapore Buddhist Mission, the active participation of these youths in the organization and direct execution in the events, from Kathina Day Celebrations to the Vesak Day Annual Carnival, often sees the youth team having to work with equipments that are premature at most in its functions in reaching the effect and results of the event that is needed.

For example, there would often be a certain level of difficulty in securing firewood without the proper set of cutting equipment due to our cost saving methods in not spending on buying firewood for burning during campfires in our camps. Among other examples that we would face during our vast experiences in dealing with the items, we would also seek to reduce cost of running our camps, and thus the hopeful procurement of these items within the initiative would help in doing so and also to address the lack of logistical materials to run the camp with full operational capability.

Idea of the Youth Initiative
The Youth Group would be interested in securing the relevant camp/events equipment so as to ensure that they would be able to fully realise the logistical capabilities as a camp facilitator and events organiser.

Thus, we are willing to accept and are actively seeking sponsorships to the below mentioned materials. We would be happy to also assist in any form of manpower needs that the sponsor needs in gathering these items. These would include:

1) Canvassing Jobs (Working at Events or festivals)
2) Miscellaneous Jobs (That would include spring cleaning, car-cleaning)
3) Advertisement of Individual/Company during Camp

Any other forms of manpower needs could be discussed with us and we would seek to try our best in fulfilling the jobs given to us in appreciation to the sponsorship provided. The sponsor can choose the items that they want to procure for the activities of the youth group. Any form of donation/sponsorship is also truly appreciated as this would help us to further strengthen our capabilities to reach out to more youths via our camps effectively with the smooth operations bolstered by the additions that are badly needed.

For more details, please do not hesitate to contact us at or contact alvin at 97986072.

Power Tools
(Includes Hammers, Electric Saw, Files)

Sports Equipments which can consists of:
- 2 Soccer Balls
- 2 Basketballs
- 2 Volleyballs
- 1 Rugby Ball
- 1 Roll of Tennis Balls
- 10-20 Cones
- 20 bibs
- 1 Ball Pump

Sound Equipment Wires which can include:
- 2 x 10m Quarter Inch to Quarter Inch
- 2 x Sound Wires Box

Torch Lights and Misc.
- 10 x LED Torch Lights
- 10 x Electric Camping Lamps

First Aid Box
- A full range of up-to-date medical supplies that is able to support 15 casualties/box

Camping Equipment
- 10 x Safari Beds
- 5 x 4-man tents

- Transport Trolleys

Games Fund

Any readers online or friends' friend that hope to sponsor and be able to contribute to the camp back in return to boost our logistics and store would be greatly greatly appreciated as these items are and would be a neccesity and would be used for long-term purposes for future camps and events that would happen in SBM as well as SBM Youth.

Youths, what are you waiting for? Start spreading the word!!


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