Wednesday, December 31, 2008

The Last Day of the Year - Positivity

31st December can mean so many different types of things to anyone - clubbing off sentosa, enjoying fireworks at marina bay, or joining one of the drinking pugs in Clarke Quay.
Maybe for most of us here in SBM Youth, the day would be at SC, in PKS.

As you guys would be able to step over to the new year peacefully, lets all pray that:
- The Middle Eastern Turmoil between the Hamas Rebels and the Isreali Army stops and once again ensure the citizens' safety
- The sucessful campaign of President Barack Obama would really bring us some audacity of hope in economic negativity
- The continued good sustained management of Singapore economy by the government

and most importantly, the hard work we are about to put in next year with the:
- Safe elections and rightful decision making of the leaders in SBM Youth.
- The much improved culture in the group and the many things that all of u guys are gonna do to make the place a better area to be in.
- The energy keeps going on.

Many aspirations to be made, in the religious perspective.

For yourselves, try to link out many things in your life that you would have loved to reflect but find no time to do so. Then take some time to create goals that remain positive and achievable.

To all here, Happy New Year! and lets move on with life!


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