Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Singapore Buddhist Mission's Anniversary

I thought the anniversary was extremely heartwarming:

To see the members of the parent organisation join in the games with the youths and spar at chapteh. Apparently, the forte still belongs to the older generation. As much as we are active and healthy, they are still much more experienced than us because they have done it more than us. 姜还是老的辣!This was a reminder for me- they are indeed much more experienced than us, in running the organisation as well as doing Dhamma propagation work. Are we ready to learn from their enriching experiences and in turn enhance ours? =D

Seeing the youths dance cha-cha with the adults and to see the Aunties teach people like Junhao and Zhenyu ballroom dancing was not only truly amusing but comforting as well. It occurred to me not only as providing guidance in dancing, but in any aspect in fact. The adults are really there, all ready to provide us with guidance and assurance whenever we need it. Throughout the years, they have indeed been providing us with the support; for us to explore different areas in youth development, so long as it possesses potential that will help in our youths' growing years.

The vegetarian food that they cook for us is undefeatable! Really, it's the best vegetarian food anywhere. =D

Think about it:
Have we been appreciative and grateful towards them?
Have we been aware of all the effort that they have been putting in to groom us, so that we can bring joy to ourselves and others through the goodness of Buddhism?
Have we taken their presence for advantage?
Have we been ready to humble ourselves and ask for their support and guidance, when they are all willing to reach out their hands and give us a pull?
While they have been giving us so much support, have we been playing a mutual role and giving them our support?

Indeed, they are our parent organisation.

Marble =)

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