Monday, December 1, 2008

Where is the Love?

Now this is just a story to share with you people in SBM Youth that have been wondering where did the family feeling went to, just like before.

Many years ago, i met this group of people who managed to, like me, get into a company brooding batches of new outdoor trainers skilled in belaying, rock wall climbing, high elements and the lot. So after 4 weeks of training, we finally got our certs in various sports and elements and were able to get our hands on the real thing: managing youths in various different schools wanting to feel the outdoor atmosphere as well as challenge the elements we have.

Now in this group, we have a good team of seniors and they were really great in advising us on how to tackle nasty kids and de-problematise situations that might have happened in the camps along the way. They made the feeling of being an instructor to these students easier, and gave us the encouragement needed. So we kinda stuck to them, and as a result, we often went out in a group togetherm quite happy to have found a group of like-minded people wanting to get together and be in a 'familial' surrounding.

However, the truth that unfolded was all of them left in a space time of 6 months and other than pursuing further careers in outdoor management planners and other sectors, the younger group, us, were left in the lonesome feel of having lost members that were once so close just about 2 years ago.
Unable to understand and adapt to the sudden loss, many turned down further offers to do camps, and as a result, one by one left.
A few years later after the leaving incident, the remaining members of the group managed to get-together a crack group of 30 from 4 to get things going for the company. In my own opinion, they are doing really well, with the potential that they are going to grow bigger!

Its never an easy feeling to lose groups of people that are once so close but due to life opportunities and different life stages, we have to face it that we are never able to comprehend the sudden changes that might happen in our life one day.
But what i really wanna share is the fact that having whatever we have, even though the original familial feeling u felt was not around, actually all along this feeling manifested within u ought to be contributed outwards instead of letting it sit back and sit inside your mindset.

Yongting spoke to me about not having this feeling on her way to her physician. I shared with her this statement: This new batch of leaders will definitely let this feeling come back again. Bcos all along, this feeling resides deep within and the older people have been contributing to this familial feeling. Now, its resetted again, so you (pointing to Yongting) and the rest of your batch of people, would need o start to give when it comes to familial bonding, effort in building this youth group to newer heights.

'Whats most important is not about whether we can ever go back to the past, but rather, WHAT WE CAN DO BETTER IN THE FUTURE and its up to you to prove people wrong'.

Like the remaining group of instructors, they never failed to lighten and brighten up everybody's lives in camp as well as still contribute to the bonding that the new instructors needed.
So if they can, so can we, and we can even do better.

I believe in you guys, so should you believe in yourself. But, if anyone needs an ear to talk to, or a person to chat with about your personal thinkings and problems, remember, we're never too far, just a phonecall short of hearing what you have to say.


WHERE's THE LOVE? Right here! In your heart, and in everyone's in SBM Youth.


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