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11 years of Camp Ehi-Passiko

Camp Ehi-Passiko 2008 from Liew Shi Xiong on Vimeo.
The full version of Camp Video 2008, uncut and uninterrupted from Youtube's dispute with Warner Music Group.

A chapter was closed on last Sunday, as Hangqi and Mabel pass the baton over to Kaiwen and Chenxin, to welcome the new Camp Master and Camp Mistress for Camp Ehi-Passiko 2009 in its 12th year. As we proceed on with the year, lets reminisce some good moments of the past camps within the last 11 years and all the laughters and tears we have had for this Camp and for this group. What is the reason for organising Camp Ehi-Passiko? Many of you will ask. But I believe that answer takes root differently within the hearts of everyone. Camp Ehi-Passiko is definitely a BUDDHIST CAMP, where we want to introduce basic Buddhism to young people messed up with the mass media and the rat race. We know that we do not go in depth into the Buddhist teaching, but then this camp is a youth camp and not a retreat. We hope we can plant a Dhamma seed in everyone of you and when the conditions are right, may it bloom and flower into an inspiration for your lives.

Of course, Camp Ehi-Passiko is also a celebration of friendship. The Buddha told Ananda that spiritual friendship is the whole of spirtuality and rightly so. Sometimes we may have petty quarrels with our friends, but it is only natural for we and our unenlightened minds are still learning to become perfect but are not perfect ourselves. Camp Ehi-Passiko thus gives us a reason to come together with ou dearest dhamma friends and to work for a camp that propagates the beauty of the Buddha-Dhamma. Together in spirit, we hope that we are able to create a positive energy within ourselves as we strive on with our lives as friends, brothers and sisters. So learn to be patient with one another, take a step back and accept each other for who they are. Ultimately, learn to guide each other on the right path, the Buddhist path.


Dec 2008
The first time every aspects of the camp is helmed by the new generation of SBM Youths! And what a success it was! Definitely one of the most memorable camp ever.

June 2008
The first time we have a camp EXCLUSIVELY for our leaders and fully sponsored!

Dec 2007

June 2007

Dec 2006
The first time we have our camp at the former Manjusri Secondary School! And our camp skits reached a new high then with a proper stage with sound and lighting equipment. Chenxin and Felicia Kang's first camp! Anyone I missed?

June 2006

Dec 2005
The beginning of Video Montage for camps
The start of a camp with skits but these skits were pre-recorded in SBM!
First Dhamma Rotional games.
June 2005

First Dhamma Introduction by SX and ZM

Dec 2004
This was my first camp as Camp Master... and this camp was also the first for Maomao, Ernest, Zhenglin who are now of course veterens in our group. And Vicky had long golden hair then.

June 2004
First camp for Mabel, Forester, Vicky, Fu Zhong, Ryan and... (who else I've missed?)

Dec 2003
First camp for Alvin, Hangqi, Pearly and Clorine! Hangqi was a bit meaty then!
This Camp marks the end of Nightwalk
This Camp had the very first camp video made up of a photo montage.

Dec 2002
First camp for Ting Ting!

Dec 2001

The return of Shi Xiong!
The First Ever CEP at Camp Christine.
Zeming's! first Camp as Campmaster

Dec 2000

Dec 1999

Initiation of the very first War Game

Dec 1998 picture not available.

Dec 1997
Organisers behind the first Camp Ehi-Passiko back in 1997! It was also the camp where I got to know Zeming, Anglee, Kaiyi and co and of course, Camp Ehi-Passiko has lasted for 11 good years!

Friends, if you identify with a specific camp, especially your first, please let me know so I can update it here. Do also check thru' if there are any errors as there are so many camps and I reckon I could have probably made a mistake.

To many more good years of Camp Ehi-Passiko and building a vibrant, faithful and wise youth Buddhist community in Singapore!

Shi Xiong

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