Sunday, January 18, 2009

Certificate Presentation / Games Day

Saturday morning what you do? Come down to Ruby Lane!

Organisers and campers are reunited at Singapore Buddhist Mission, to receive their camp certificates and also to enjoy the camp video edited by Zhenyu.

A CHAPTER CLOSED: CEP 2008 Camp Master Oh (small eyes) Hangqi and Camp Mistress Mabel (the marble) Ong finally close an important chapter in their life - their maiden Camp Ehi-Passiko as chief organisers. Thank you for such a great camp!

HANDING OVER: And introducing Camp Ehi-Passiko 2009's Camp Master and Camp Mistress: Teo Kaiwen and Chua Cherngxin!

Snapshots of the event: the many faces of Singapore Buddhist Mission's youth group!
Sherman and Cleon shares a brotherly moment.

Victoria is not excited.
Fel K is ExCiTeD.

Is Hangqi ready for fatherhood?

Shaun, very cute =D

The Commie!

The Hairiest Man in Ruby Lane.

Cleon's classic moment

Bullying Ian.

Creature and Xinyi.

Special effects ok... mai siao siao.

Guess who?
See above.

Camera here, must pose.

No.1 Salsa Dancer in SBM. Winner of 2008 Viva Ruby Lane Latin Dance Competition.

Weijie emo. It's not easy being the top dancer in Ruby Lane.

Alvin and Xinde shares their brotherly moment.

The "mothers" of all campfires. "Is it oookaaaayyyyyy???"

Ian attempting to dance. Don't. Dance. Don't.

Ivan is the real Malaysian ah beng, not Kevin. Amy is Ah Lian.

A rare appearance by Yuanyi. What is that in her mouth?

And each time before you enter the temple and when you leave, ALWAYS remember to pay your respect to BIG BOSS aka Our Teacher, the World Honoured Lord Buddha.

Part 2 coming up...

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