Sunday, January 11, 2009

Manjusri Secondary School Dharma Camp 2009

The inaugural Manjusri Secondary School's Secondary 1 Dharma Orientation Camp is a success!Jointly organised by Manjusri Secondary School's Buddhist Interact Club, Singapore Buddhist Mission (Youth) and supported by Bright Hill Temple, this orientation camp serves to introduce basic Buddhist teachings to newly registered secondary one students of the school. And what an honour it is, for SBM Youths, to be invited by the school to co-organise this orientation camp, as Manjusri Secondary is the ONLY Buddhist secondary school in Singapore!

SBM Youths worked closely with BIC members for this camp.

And Alvin says, Buddha rocks!

One must also be really be thankful to Mrs. Cheng, a teacher from Manjusri Secondary School and teacher-in-charge of Buddhist Interact Club. Mrs. Cheng has been working tirelessly, putting in so much effort and making so much sacrifices for BIC over the past few years. It's a great merit for us to have such a selfless teacher like Mrs. Cheng, serving and supporting the community. Sadhu to Mrs. Cheng!

Sec 1 Dharma Orientation Camp, SUCCESS!

And thank you Buddhist Interact Club, for a good camp! And great job, Cherise and Andrinna for taking up the camp mistresses role. Sadhu to all! And may the merits that we have accumulated be shared with all sentient beings, especially the peope that inhibit this planet earth. May all, regardless of creed, race and culture be well and happy and may the sufferings of this economic crisis be averted as soon as possible.

May the blessings of the Buddha, Dhamma and Sangha be with all of you and your loved ones! Sadhu!