Friday, January 23, 2009

Reflections from our Regular Blogger

Hi all, I chanced upon a "certain" blog belonging to our sbm regular blogger Mr Liew and there was a moving post about his reflections on wanling's thoughts regarding the old mogallana house and how she appreciates what she have now.

-from SX blog-:
Was very touched when looking backing back at the now-defunct Moggallana blog. Brings back good memories of how wonderful and cute this group of little boys and girls were and of course, how they are now grown up. How this group was forever 'woeful but wonderful', never having enough pocket money to eat, only to spend all of them at the lan shops. How they were always there to support the group in menial and labour tasks, and sometimes bear the brunt of a work gone wrong. Yet no matter how stormy the weather could be, they weathered through all these years because they are supported by the strong spiritual friends they have found, and the meaning in life that is the Lord Buddha and His teachings. They have done so much, for this I am sure. Though playful at times, I admit sniggering and admiring them from a distance at the naiviety and innocence that I have long abandoned. Yet, it is precisely their innocence to life that gives them strength, vitality and optimism.

I know it's been a year since the update. And I hope everyone of you had been fine.
I'm glad some of you still dropped by to tag. :)
Always remember, no matter what happened, there's SBM there for you. :)
SBM people are your family. :)

Though sadly, houses are taken out right now, but we can always be as a whole SBM right now. :)
To be honest, I really miss the time when we are together. The cooking maggie mee time, steamboat time, movie time, east coast time, lanshop time... I miss everything. :)

Thanks for everyone who had make a different in my life. :)

I thank you wholeheartedly,and I really appreciate you for walking in my life. :)

With love, wanlingx. :)

As we have moved onto a new era, lets all be reminded that nothing can really last forever. Even good memories like these have to fade away. Even more so, this should be a good reason for us to cheer about our life and for the people around us. To cherish every good moment, good friends and loved ones and appreciate them for who they are and the footprints that they have left behind in your life. You'll never know when they're not going to be there so let there be a worry of the future. As the past has already fade away, lets ground ourselves in the very present moment, because it is the 'present', a gift for you and me and everybody else.
Though I've never said it, before but thank you 'kids' for being the present, a great gift.
Destroy Mara Save the Dhamma,

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