Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Result Aftermath

So some of us have already understood where their lives lie ahead in the future after receiving the long-awaited results that would point you in the a direction that, hopefully you desire.
If the direction is ideal and you know that you have what it takes to be there, go there. Do not hesitate and be bogged down by various comments about whether a Junior College is bad or a Polytechnic is good. Its more or less about your way of looking at the courses rather.

Take it objectively and do not get swayed by peer comments. Just do what you know and think is correct, after active discussion with your parents. The next step is uber-important. So do enjoy this process of growing and make sure you do your best when you're there. IF, your pointed direction is not one of the most desired, you know the options, choose the best one and forge forward, do not lament anymore on lost time and lost marks. You still have options and don't close it up by disappointment and sadness. Calm your mind down and consider the choices, then make a rightful decision by right thought. You can do it.

I believe the people in SBM Youth that are already having the results are all at a good level, and all of you should be proud that you have successfully crossed past the O level barrier, so be positive!

You haven't lost everything yea? You managed to maintain a good result past, and also most importantly, the great secondary school memories that only you have to yourself, your pranks, your sporting fun, your peers around you. Treasure these times, for they really don't come back.

This coming Saturday's the exciting Orientation Camp! so all GLs please contact your campers and get as many people to come as possible, cos these campers might have a second brush with Buddhism and who knows, might wanna join us! We're gonna have a cert presentation, followed up by a lunch session within the groups ,then over to our beloved beaches of Sentosa for a day of fun-filled activity!!!

So do look forward to the SBM Youth activities like never before, cos its already the new dawn and all of us are working hard to make it happen, in a blink of an eye, Manjusri camp and the Main Committee meeting has passed. Look at how fast things have been. Its been enjoyable and i don't see myself leaving this group forever, like how Hangqi, Vicky, and gang have been around, and my older gang, Zeming and Shixiong have been. Do be happy and amazed at the things we've done and are doing before, and there is only one word that can describe the things that we've done to uphold the dignity and propagation of Buddhism: 'Magical'.

Quote of the Day:
' Never stop the magical work of propagation, for you never know one day when it'll all stop.'


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