Thursday, January 8, 2009


Here's all the updates I've gotten so far from communicating with Mrs Cheng. I thought it might be important to disseminate the information, since it might come in handy. BIC members are also free to check it out. Please take note:

1. NO SLIPPERS even for SBM members. The security guard won't let you enter. Covered shoes please.

2. For SBMY members, please be at MJR at 7.00am SHARP to help set up. BIC members are requested to arrive at 8.00am. Campers should start to arrive at 8.30 plus already. Camp officially starts at 9am and ends at 5pm.

3. Attendance taking for MJR campers when they enter camp. Booth of 2 tables will be set up AT AMPHITHEATRE. Attendance sheet (4 pieces) will be with Cherise. Anyone can help take attendance. Campers are organised according to classes.

4. Bring extra T-shirt (dark if possible). Water games. Self-explanatory:)

5. Gls could have purchased a small token for their grp members for identification purposes. Eg scrunchie etc. Also, you may want to decide upon a design for your group flag as you will only be given a half hour to paint it (0900-0930 hours). The flag will represent your group so make it pretty:)

6. As you know, there are 4 groups, and here are the GLs incharge:
-Metta: Amanda Low, Elysia Tan, Hazel Ang, Teo Kaiwen
-Karuna: Teo Wen Shi, Meng Kuan, Yong Wei, Raymond
-Mudita: Yeatyuan, Peijin, Wong Meihua, Jian Yong
-Uppekkha: Yeo Renfang, Leona, Jia Hui, Yeow Chong
If you wish to have a look at the campers list then drop me an email at: please, no emails after Fri 12 noon. Or, if you want to know each other's numbers to coordinate then also drop me an email:)

7. Mrs Cheng requested for the names of SBMY members gg down on tt day for security reasons, I’ve given her, as of my knowledge of who’s going down:
- ZM
- SX
- Lvin
- Zeyan
- Zekui
- Ndrina
- Cherise
- Yeow chong
- Forester
- Kaiwen
- Yongwei
- Jian yong
- Raymond
- Kevin
- Tessa
- Hangqi
- Ernest
If your name is not mentioned in the above list and you are coming down to mjr to help (by all means please come down), give any of the ppl mentioned above a call and one of them will come pick u up from the guard post. This is for security reasons as the security guard will have a list of the names of the ppl mentioned above.

8. SBM stuff will be moved to MJR on Fri. Lorry will arrive at SBM on 4.30 so please come down earlier to help move the stuff. Similarily, the lorry will be at MJR on sat afr the camp at 5.30 to move the things back to SBM.

9. The logistics that are provided by SBM will be kept in the CABIN (student centre) on level 1

10. Logistics settled by PKS will be… idk. They’ll settle it somehow by either bringing it directly to MJR or to SBMY then MJR.

11. The teacher IC wishes that we do not mess up the CABIN. So please be MINDFUL when carrying stuff into and out of the room:)

12. Mrs Cheng will be there to help us open and close the doors of the CABIN

13. The school administrator Mdm Tan YiHui will come down to help us out on the day of camp. Thanks a lot:)

14. Snack is vegetarian sandwiches

15. Total number of campers: 68

16. Oh, and Mrs Cheng wants to collect the receipts by the end of the day to claim from the school. If you guys did purchase anything, you could either pass it to me or to her.

17. There will be 2 more BIC members coming down on sat. I’ll ask Zeming to see if he needs more manpower.

For now, that’s all the updates:D There will be more I'm sure:)

All the best,
Cherise Cho~


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