Wednesday, February 25, 2009

this is home truly

Blessing to the World

Devo vassatu kalena
May the rains fall in due seasons;
Sassa sampatti hetuca
May there be a rich harvest
Phito bhavatu lokoca
May the world prosper
Raja bhavatu dhammiko
May the ruler be righteous

As the future of our Singapore, it is very important for us to serve our home country well. As our nation is besieged by the global economic downturn, you and me can do our part by playing a supportive role at home. Remember that one of the very important aspect of Total Defence is Psychological Defence.

The following is a beautiful music video from one of our National Day song favourite, Home. Do enjoy.

Whenever I am feeling low
I look around me and I know
There's a place that will stay within me
Wherever I may choose to go
I will always recall the city
Know every street and shore
Sail down the river which brings us life
Winding through my Singapore

This is home truly, where I know I must be
Where my dreams wait for me, where that river always flows
This is home surely, as my senses tell me
This is where I won't be alone, for this is where I know it's home

When there are troubles to go through
We'll find a way to start anew
There is comfort in the knowledge
That home's about its people too
So we'll build our dreams together
Just like we've done before
Just like the river which brings us life
There'll always be Singapore

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