Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Workshop 1 - Assimilation

Last Saturday was the first workshop. There was a small group discussion and sharing on assimilating into SBM (youth) mission and purpose.
The slides of the workshop can be downloaded here. It is in office 2007 format
Just a brief summary,

2008 has been an eventful year

2009 will be a much more meaningful year. A year with hopes and dreams… A year to strive…

In SBM, we need to remind ourselves on the group’s mission, which is to

bring happiness to oneself and others through Buddhism.

It’s not easy to be happy always but remember that the Buddha’s teaching reminds us that

We are the owner of our happiness.

So how do you make yourself happy and others happy?
1) As an individual, practice the Brahma Viharas 4 Sublime states:

  • Metta (Friendliness) – removes anger, hatred and ill-will

  • Karuna (Compassion) – removes selfishness, narrow hearts and ignorance

  • Mudita (Appreciative Joy) – removes jealousy

  • Uppekkha (Balance state of mind) – maintaining the peace and joy in our lives.

2) Practise tolerance and patience

3) Be understanding and forgiving

Last but not least, Let your love flow!!!

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