Monday, March 2, 2009

Peranankan Museum.

A picture paint a thousand words. :)

A day to...

We have everything here...

Pretty smiles. :)

The sweet candid shot.

The bullying between the tall one...

The grin.

The sweet smile.

The bu-shuang (不爽) face.

The brotherly love.

The disgusting Hangqi.

The blur blur Ernest.

The act cute Zhenglin.

The super happy Raymond.

All the random looks.

The bullying of Forester.

One of the exibit from the Peranakan.

Look at the expression of KAIWEN!

The sweet girls. :)

The secret snap. =/

Guess who?


Squeeze~ :)

Pearly don't seem to be welcome by the two guys. =/

The happy Zhenglin!

The act innocent Zeming.

We left with smiles. :)

P.S: Sadly, we weren't allow to take the buddha statues. :(
BUT, we still had a great day after all. :D
SBM YOUTH, *clap* Yeah~

Hwanling. :)

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