Wednesday, April 29, 2009

BLACKFOREST, my love band!

See the little boy, SO CUTE,small eyes like Hangqi. LOL!

Hmmm, Look at Raymond? =/
Just enjoy below. =D

He looked like ghost, like seriously. =/
He really lived up his name - Hungry Ghost.

Self-timer. Damn fun!

One of the activities in the Vesak

Our Respectable Buddha. =)

Making of rabbits. :)

This baby actually followed what the BIC do,
the hand signal you know. it's so amazing =D
Lunch. :D
It seemed that every Vesak @ Orchard,
we can never missed out the Laksa. =D

Our banner & poster. =D

This girl really can sing very well. =)
It's always been annual event for Vesak @ Orchard,
it's always feels good to have everyone back.
And also, I hope the booth had assist in the number of campers. :D
Rock on my dears. :)

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