Monday, April 27, 2009

Emergent Dharma: young Buddhist Blog

I am a young buddhist. I am only 17 years old, and the only buddhist in the group of people spend my time with. I go to an all boys Episcopal boarding school with a small student body of less than 300. This school has a lot of "swagger", so as you can imagine it makes things interesting, especially because I am the first person at my school (at least since I have been here) that has been open to the community about their study of buddhism.

Buddhism has been a blessing to me. I am constantly finding connections to it in every day life, especially in social issues, such as the environment, and poverty. Buddhism has helped me challenge my beliefs, and let them progress and evolve. Some of my feelings on issues, especially the environment, are radical to say the least. While I want every one to feel the same way I do. With the help buddhism, I have developed the patience to understand that, that is not likely to happen. I have learned to take a detour, rather than sitting in traffic and waiting for the road to clear.
This is only a small sampling of what I have learned and what I am learning. I hope to share more, as it comes to mind. For now I must rejoin my school with "swagger".

One final thought...
The Buddha once was believed to have said "Peace comes from within, do not seek with out."
I feel this is the core of Buddhism, and it is the guiding light to my journey.


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