Thursday, April 23, 2009

Responsibility Checks

Hey guys!

in the midst of my torrid exams period, i found time to contemplate on things i've observed happening during the past few months and i guess since we are brothers and sisters in the dhamma, the utmost importance of openness is great for cultivation for all of us.

We tend to be really busy with our new found lives, i believe some of you have really really set foot onto a new platform and congratulations to people who are experiencing Junior College and Polytechnic studies now, for you never know when you are ever going to miss studies once you step out into the working world. Had one of my close friends in hostel by the name of KT really missing the activities in hostel and university life that he remarked 'i think i rather study than work, no money but very fun'.
I'm seeing a whole group of you moving on, and i'm glad. However, here's the point of reality check.

I do understand the enthusiasm and joy when you bask in various other activities in school and the new friends that you have been getting-to-know during the past one month or so of orientation and i must say, its always good to know more friends!

Here's the problem situation: I understand many of our appointment holders in the committee are really in charge of certain events and have beeen really energy-less or too held up by activities or issues that really, most of us don't know, and don't fathom.

Our understanding: As seniors, in my own point of view, we totally understand the euphoria of new friends and the importance to have progress in your life, in anything u do. Cos, we've been thru that phase not too long ago...haha.

Our reminders: Guys and girls that are still taking committee member positions in the youth group, let us reflect the time where the elections are held and the promises laid down by all of u. Remember how by popular and logical voting that you are given the authority and power in the committee? Also, do you remember who voted for you? Do you remember what you promised others? and the different things that you would seek to do? Honestly, most of you gave me great speeches and delivered perfectly during elections. Hmmm. now, has your promises and duties fall short? What have you done about it? Are your sub-committees still in it together? Or is the whole committee down in the dumps? Do you know all these? Who is holding the sub-committee together?

Now, i would like to highlight some points, as sub-committee members and leader, you must understand a few factors:

1) Never take things for granted. Don't let your reasons that you have given yourselves over-rule you too much that you 'grant' yourself the reason to exclude or be absent like... forever. Because if thats the case, your team is 'one-down', and there's not much support for yourself and your friends in the team.

2) If you are too busy, don't take up even more to satisfy your hunger for participation, instead concentrate on you favorite fews.

3) If you are held up with issues or studies, remember to check back and monitor your sub-committee to ensure somebody is helping to run your committee. Let's all hope its not going to be a brother by the name of Z***** doing the job for you again. ha.

4) Do u really care about your friends that you've chosen in the committee? U think u are not going to care? Think again, for those are the friends that you have similarly promised to bring a different and better SBM YOUTH.

5) The responsibilities of the committees must never stop, or not, why call it a committee when its not in operation? Are your promises carried out? If in doubt, have you approached the seniors to check?

6) Have you not taken into consideration many other points? Don't worry, its a learning process, but it also takes two hands to clap, and most importantly, your hand to clap with ours to ensure that things happen and u learn.

These questions are sort of reminders for exec committee members, for example Hangqi, Mable, ChengShing (CEP co-head), Kaiwen (CEP Head), Fuzhong, Forester, Andrina, Evelyn, Wanling, Jianyong, Kevin, Juulia.

Though i've not been around due to intense work and exams, i still pop by and notice many things have changed, and what's more important, the work's not done.
Whatever reasons you might have, remember, SBM Youth is a TEAM of people working together in the most happy, joyous and stress-free environment. The seniors have also understood the various community services, issues and problems some of you are facing and have really wished u all well.

However, as the one who is concerned with youth development, i really hope to see your promises to all your fellow brothers and sisters in the dhamma fulfilled in a nice way. I won't take away the credit for the things you have done so far, but its just to highlight the things that are not working our way. and for many, its not working your way. question the reason, and solve the problem, but don't leave your responsibility totally, cos that would mean irresponsibility.

I don't see our marketing comms team anymore, i don't see my assistant hon gen sec, i don't see my treasurer among others. My purpose is to highlight and really understand your problems, and see how we can solve it without having to sacrifice whatever we have been doing in the committee. I'm right here for you guys. You found out your sub-committee has a problem, look for me, and try to solve the situation together. Alrights? I appreciate your efforts thus far, but i would be glad if you guys can give me a ring or two anytime during this weekend to update me on your status? :)

If you are friends and you know they need help, and you see this blog, get them back together and maybe for some, do contact me anytime! you have my number, please call me, or i'd find some time to talk to you guys after my exams next week.

Meanwhile, have fun in school, and do call me when u see this!


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