Sunday, April 5, 2009

Walking With Buddha: Childhood Memories!

This week on Walking with Buddha....our host shared on Prince Siddhartta's childhood memories. These were stories of his intelligence and compassion shone at such a young age. More reports and summaries will be uploaded soon when we have designed our Walking with Buddha download corner! (Kaiwen pls help)

Hosted by Jian Yong and...

Oh Hangqi yellow boy on right
Yeow Chong is a dancing Swan.
Prince Siddhattha saves the Swan!

Devadatta not happy

Mabel acting cute

Four beauties listening attentively to Ven Bodhi!

Venerable Bodhi examining the camera

Dinner was cooked by our very own youth chef victor teo! (by the way his parents owns a vegetarian restaurant)
Finally at the end of the day, we helped Bante and Bro Leo do some house keeping of the temple premises
Please stay tune for next episode of Walking with Buddha: Childhood memories part2!
@ SBM next Saturday 11th April, 3pm!!!
see you then!

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