Thursday, April 2, 2009

Walking With Buddha Series

"Walking With Buddha" series was inspired by our fellow Dhamma coordinator Jian Yong. Though he is at a young age of 18, his passion to inspire and share with the other youth members on the Buddha's life is remarkable. The idea was really good and I discussed with him what would be the content of this series. Besides coming up with engaging contents, we also explored the presentation style and mood of each session. Finally, we decided on how we should publicise and spread the message.

The first of the series was presented by Jianyong and myself. It was Walking With Buddha: Birth of a Great Leader. In it we shared how the Buddha decided his birth,what was his birth conditions and who were his parents. It was a very interesting session and after 12 years as a Buddhist, I learnt the previous birth name of Lord Buddha - Deva Setaketu residing in Tusita Heaven (something new ya?).

Also, it was this rare collection of book which i chanced upon during my research - The Great Chronicals of Buddhas. This book was so detailed on every account of Buddha's life that it captivated me for nights. It even briefly discussed birth stories of 24 previous Buddhas!!!! totally amazing.

We were blessed with this collection becaused during the publicity blizz for last camp (Dec 2008), we went to Palelai Buddhist temple and they donated 5 sets of collection. I highly recommend it for all future presenters for all "Walking With Buddha" series.

This week, we are very fortunate and blessed to have Jian Yong and Oh Hangqi to be the speakers for the next session "Walking With Buddha: Childhood Memories". We'll explore Prince Siddhartha as kid in a gorgeous palace.

Bring your parents, friends and relatives to this session by our fellow youth leaders! We'll start the session at 3PM at Singapore Buddhist Mission! We'll end by 5.30pm so its just 2 and half hours! Pls do make an effort to come down as our speakers have spend much time on the presentation! See you there!!! Come on down!

P.S. Dinner will be provided this week. Generously cooked by Victor and friends.

Youth President

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