Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Young Buddhist

How far can we dig rock music and mosh pit, while being a young Buddhist?
How far can we go wild with our youth parties, while being mindful of our faith?
How far can we go crazy over pop superstars, looking out for the latest fashion trends, dishing out in big labels, while finding proper wisdom?
How far can we go to find acceptance with our friends, and to feel beautiful and confident of our esteem and appearance, while finding peace within ourselves as young Buddhist?

Someone senior in the Buddhist community shared with me his nugget during the weekend.

"You can do anything you want! As long as you abide in the 5 Precepts!"

I reckon as laypeople, and especially teenagers and young adults like ourselves, the world out there could either be a giant party, or a gloomy dessert.

I'm not too sure if the Buddha ever did single out the youths but I think the senior figure did make some sense. I believe we can exercise our creativity and flexibility more, in how we can cope with an ever increasing awareness of the reality of the real world, while living a happy life as a young Buddhist.

As young people yourself, you guys must take pride in your faith, while protecting it and helping it grow. Defend it, but learn to take criticism and open your heart and mind more, that way we can all learn. Take ownership of the faith, of the temple and of the group and that way, we can all work together to help make the fellowship a beautiful place for friendship and cultivation to grow.

Remember, no man is an island. Learn to work and live together in harmony and similarly, forgive each other easier. A spiritual friendship is the whole of the spiritual life.

We need everyone of you to let your faith grow, and let this teachings remain relevant in this ever0chaning society. We need everyone of you to be generals and help build the future of the community, this home that we have all grown up in and call our own, this temple that you gather at every Saturday.

Cheers and have a good week ahead!

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