Tuesday, May 26, 2009


Singapore Buddhist Mission's youth group will be spearheading CAMP LIONS, the inaugural National Buddhist Youth Leadership Camp, together with our friends from Buddhist Fellowship, NUS Buddhist Society Alumni and Dharma-in-Action


Leading & Inspiring yOuNg Buddhist in Singapore

We call it Camp Lions because we want the youth leaders who will be participating in this camp to come out of it, inspired to lead and help young Buddhists in Singapore. In addition, the Lion is also a national symbol of our beloved Singapore and as Buddhists, we too have to serve our country and obey the rules of the nation.

The Lion also has a very special in the hearts of Buddhists. Pioneer British monk, the late Venerable Nanamoli wrote of the lion as "universally recognized to be their (animal kingdom) chief. The living embodiment of self-possessed power, he is the most regal in manner and deportment, the mightiest, the foremost with respect to speed, courage and dominion. The expression of the lion's supremacy is its roar — a roar which reduces to silence the cries, howls, bellows, shrieks, barks and growls of lesser creatures. When the lion steps forth from his den and sounds his roar, all the other animals stop and listen. On such an occasion none dares even to sound its own cry, let alone to come into the open and challenge the fearless, unsurpassable roar of the golden-maned king of beasts.

The Buddha's discourses, as found in the ancient Pali canon, frequently draw their imagery from the rich and varied animal life of the luxuriant Indian jungle. It is thus not surprising that when the Buddha has occasion to refer to himself, he chooses to represent himself as the stately lion and to describe his proclamation of the Dhamma, bold and thunderous, as a veritable lion's roar in the spiritual domain. "

Venerable Nanamoli

Not startled, like a lion at sounds.
Not snared,
like the wind in a net.
Not smeared,
like a lotus in water:

wander alone...

Such an admired animal, lets all start by learning to be a brave-hearted lion in our lives, firm in times of crisis, wise and mindful of every moment. Standing tall with wisdom and compassion.

May CAMP LIONS be also a success. Let it have the blessing to take root and bear fruit for more to come within the Buddhist community. All of us here has a part to play to make it happen, whether as a participant or as an organiser.


Ang said...

may i know when is the camp? and cater for what age group? thanks.

Xiong said...

Hi the camp is for potential Buddhist youth leaders and current serving youth leaders age 15 to 21. Hence, it is mostly by invite as we would like to share and groom more young people to take over leadership roles.

If you are interested in Buddhist youth camps for ages 13 to 21, that will be our Camp Ehi-Passiko, which will be held in December. For more info please feel free to email us at sbmyouth@gmail.com or call Shi Xiong at 97599802