Friday, May 1, 2009

May Day

We must use this crisis to prepare for a different, more competitive world when the storm passes. We must build resilience in a new generation of Singaporeans, and strengthen their bonds with a new team of leaders. Most of all, we must unite as a nation, keep our calm, unflinching spirit and emerge stronger from the crisis.

I wish all Singaporeans a Happy May Day.

- PM Lee Hsien Loong

As Prime Minister Lee gave us his May Day message, let us thus remember the struggles of our fellow Singaporeans who toiled hard to make this country going. Let us also take this May Day to reflect and wish for the happiness and prosperity of the country and all the people working hard to keep their family going in such a tough time.

It is thus timely for us to remember our parents, for whom May Day is also a dedication, to their hardwork and toil. Our parents who went through lengths to give us a comfortable life, our parents who have to face the unpleasant conditions at work place with a smile, so that they can come home to put ample food on our table, and the usual toys and clothes that we have been eyeing for a long time. The real world is different from schools, where 99% of us in this youth group are still sheltered within and for that, we must be thankful. We must also understand, should our parents come home exhausted and unhappy, but instead cheer them up by being obedient and most importantly, industrious with our studies.

Our parents only have one wish for us and that is to work hard in our studies so that we may be able to grow up fine and well and able to live life comfortably, earning our keep with our skills. And for that, they will continue to toil with blood and sweat so that we can have the best food, the best clothes, the best tuition teachers and the best toys to play with.

This May Day, reflect and share your love and compassion to the old uncles still picking the cans, the aunties serving you over the counter at Macs, the foreign workers toiling to build our homes, our fellow countrymen struggling with the economic downturn, and of course, our parents, who are fighting everyday to give us their best.

Take a moment, take a pause.

"Parents are called 'Brahma', teachers of all
worthy of gifts are they, compassionate
Unto their tribe of children.
Thus the wise should worship them
and pay them honours due.
Serve them with food and drinks,
clothings and bed,
Anoint their bodies, bathe and wash their feet.
For service such as this to parents given,
In this life sages praise a man, and he
hereafter has reward of joy in heaven."

- The Buddha, Anguttara Nikaya

May all be well and happy.

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