Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Sharing Session

This Saturday' Sharing Session will be divided into 2 segments.

Segment 1: Walking with Buddha Series

SBM Youth's Dhamma Secretary Jianyong and Mar-Comm Secretary Mable will share with us the story of the Prince Sidhartha from his renunciation to the point of his enlightenment. Most importantly, they will highlight the spirit of Prince Siddhartha in his quest to become a Buddha and how as the Buddha, we can follow his living example in our lives.

Segment 2: Music Sharing by Kang Kee and Friends

Kang Kee is a popular Buddhist song writer. He and his friends recently produced an album, titled, 生命中的朋友, or Friends in Our Lives. They will be coming to share their lives as a Buddhists and the Dhamma using their music and also their experiences in writing music in the Buddhist circle. You can check out their website here.

So do come down and be punctual. 3pm at Singapore Buddhist Mission. Puja and meditation will start on time at 3:15pm. Cheers and see all of you!

- Shi Xiong

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