Friday, May 29, 2009

Takeshi Kanishiro

Actor Takeshi Kanishiro blogs about his reflections on life and pride, with the wisdom of his Buddhist background, "like what Buddha had said, 'everything is uncertain', the only one thing that remains unchanged forever is probably change itself. "

Good morning.
I didn't sleep last night because I wasn't sleepy.
I have insomnia often recently, why?
Is it because I've been thinking too much? Having had too little exercises might be the reason.
My body is not tired and it has probably resulted in insomnia.

It's becoming warm completely. The cherry trees are blooming. It's spring.

However recently, I think we are people who were merely born to this era, at this time, at this place, in this environment and in this country. These things were presented to us. My thoughts such as colour only reflect my point of view at this point of time.

If we were to be born 1000 years ago, the colour, the place, the country, the custom and also our knowledge, thoughts and emotions of that time will be portrayed.

In other words, there isn't any meaning? What is it then?

When I've come across things from other countries which are not found in my country, I would laugh comically with 'ah..!!', 'wah..!!', 'what a joke..!!', 'un?believable!!, 'how primitive!.

However, that also means I will probably feel the same way too if I happen to see unusual things in my country.

There is no place in particular good or bad. In other words, there is no such thing as good or bad. The reason being that one will continue to be taught new things and habits are only tentative.

Now when I think what is the custom like 100 year ago, many things have changed. In other words, things which we've now thought it to be and knowledge will most probably be different 50 years later. Again, things will be completely different 100 years later...but I won't be existing during that time.

umm...what do i want to other words...I want freedom..haha..

Time always passes by.

Like what Buddha had said, 'everything is uncertain', the only one thing that remains unchanged forever is probably change itself.

What is it meant by being a Taiwanese? Being a Japanese? Or being a Korean?

Because i was born here, i am a Japanese. If I was born here 1000 years ago, i was a Japanese. If i was born here 5000 years ago, then who was I? What are the conditions that determine the type of people we are supposed to be? Then, 500 years later, if Japan occupies China or Korea or otherwise Taiwan, are people who were born in that place still considered as Japanese? Then, how about 1000 years later?

Originally, these countries had flowed from the various places.
Why do countries like to emphasize on reputation? Is it because of pride?
What is pride?

Everybody, let's be ourselves.
What is myself then?

I've written so much.. I'm just thinking about this kind of matter since I'm not sleepy.
Mr Don, long time no see. That was happy.
I was drunk..sorry..haha..
And Mr Orange...thank you all the time. Any problem with the finances?

Let's drink again next time.

Takeshi Kaneshiro

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