Monday, June 22, 2009

Cars and PTF Camp

The first ever Pre-Teens Fellowship Camp organised by the youth group saw cars as part of its 'collateral damage'.

Who says Singaporeans don't care? These Singaporeans sure do. Just a day before my car tyre got punchek, we were on Zeming's car to the crab farm. Someone took the driver's seat and what happened within 5 minutes can be seen below.

Even along a deserted road in Lim Chu Kang where the traffic was really sparse, we had 1 taxi, 2 lorries, 1 van and 1 sedan stopping to help us. You can see the big lorry helping to pull the car out of the ditch with the chain, orchestrated by the Malay encik in blue overalls. The uncle in the lorry refused reimbursement. The best thing was those that stopped to help us include the friendly encik, the Indian taxi driver and the Chinese.

It is funny how a day later, my tyre went flat just a kilometre away from the above site and another Malay Encik helped me out.

As Buddhist youths ourselves, let us always be thankful for the kindhearted soul, aways willing to give a hand to even strangers. We ourselves should exemplify this practice too. Lets walk the talk of helping with love and compassion. On the otherhand, lets also be mindful and celebrate racial and religious harmony at its very best!


Brother Bear

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