Thursday, June 4, 2009


Apologies to the lack of updates. Many of us are very busy now. The JC kids are mugging for their A-Levels, the Poly kids are having their exams next week. The uni kids are working hard for CAMP LIONS so... there isn't a daily update as we have tried to do so before. :) In any case, this blog is open to all youths so who else wanna blog (blog the right things ah!) and volunteer, please do so and let us know!

In any case, this Saturday is Camp Lions, it is the first time we are doing this in Singapore where we hope to bring together Buddhist leaders from different youth groups in Singapore to come together so that we can all learn, understand and grow together united as one in the Dhamma. Not everyone will be going to the camp due to exams and schools and also, we have limited places as the camp is itended for older teens. We sincerely apologise for that.

Pity that there isn't many youth groups in Singapore to start with (contrary to popular beliefs) but here are the youth groups coming for the camp (in alphabetical order)

Bee Low See
Buddhist Fellowship
Manjusri Secondary School Buddhist Interact Club
Singapore Buddhist Mission
Singapore Polytechnic Buddhist Society
National University of Singapore Buddhist Society
Youth Ministry of Kong Meng San

What's more, it is also an honour for to have our friends from the region to grace our inaugural camp. They are out friends from Malaysia's Subang Jaya Buddhist Association Youth and from Thailand. Lets play good host and welcome them!

As for youths representing Singapore Buddhist Mission, we have:

1. Andrina
2. Evelyn
3. Fuzhong
4. Jianyong
5. Kaiwen
6. Keith
7. Mable
8. Melody
9. Wanling
10. Yuanyi

We also have our SBM youths who will be representing Manjusri Secondary School instead. They are:

1. Amanda
2. Jiahui

Lets also be thankful to Zeming and Alvin, who have taken up the heavy load to become the Camp Master and Vice-Camp Master of the Camp Lions, and other volunteers in the committee. We are also very thankful to Dharma-In-Action for supporting the camp financially and for the main committee of Singapore Buddhist Mission for their support as well.

So for those who are not involve with the Camp, we have not forgotten you. Take the weekend as a good break. But if you wanan come down for the campfire on Monday night, drop me a SMS at 97599802. This is Brother Bear here.

May all the youths have a good weekend ahead and take good care of your mind and body.

Cheers in the Buddha-Dhamma!

Brother Bear

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