Wednesday, June 17, 2009

LIONS Aftermath

Hey guys!

Hope everyone is doing fine, especially after the CAMP L.I.O.N.S week being that explosive, and to those who missed out on the camp, please fight hard to qualify for next camp cos it promises to be even better than what you expect!

Anyways, to those who have been campers to the CAMP L.I.O.N.S this year, here are some of the pointers to consider:
1) Has CAMP L.I.O.N.S opened your eyes to the youth groups that are around in Singapore and have you made good friends?

2) Have you had any inspired moments that you want to share with us or u feel inspired enough to do something for SBM Youth, since you have learnt all the leadership and organizational skills from CAMP L.I.O.N.S and have gotten knowledge like the SWOT and SMART analysis and other skills like strategic management?

3) Did u reflect on the work that you have done back at SBM Youth and compared it to the efforts you have done to CAMP L.I.O.N.S' group?

If you have nothing of those hitting you, then the real problem begins when you realised that there's nothing valuable that you have learnt from camp that would have compelled you to do something about your efforts as a Buddhist Leader in the youth group.

SBM Youth needs the strength of each and everyone of you leaders who have been trained specially in camp for the main purpose of helping the youth group in anyway you can. So far, Fuzhong has responded by being early during the camp reunion, and being there for the whole camp reunion event, and i'm proud of the difference that the camp made for him.

I wish to be proud of you, and I am really proud when I see some of you rising from above. Plus I believe some of you have also made great relationships from this camp. But what about your focus in SBM Youth?

For SBM Youth to grow, we need new leaders, not the usual people. We need all of you to stand up. Most of you are not already. You're in your 17s and 18s and you have been in SBM throughout your teenage years and so i ned not mince my words. We do not need PASSIVE leaders that always rely on Zeming, Melon and Shixiong or even myself to produce the result that YOU ALL WANTED. We need ACTIVE youth leaders who can take the initiative to STAND BESIDE THE TEAM HERE and be part of us, not be UNDER US. For SBM Youth stays as a team, not with few individuals. What happens when all of us have to leave and you guys are needed to lead the team? To me, my position is one but functional, not one of power. So when the time comes for you to stand up and assume our roles, will you be confident to take it up?

Truth be told, I'm rather disappointed to have found out that the PTF camp has been hit with low attendance rate from our leaders. Where is all the commitment? I would have not expected Juulia to do it all by herself, and also not expected Zeming to step into the camp committee to help out, yet again. If no information has been provided, has anyone checked with Juulia on what is happening? If you can't do it, have you found someone else to replace your position? If not, what then happens to the camp? Are we still little children that needs to be spoonfeed?

This makes me particularly worried about Camp Ehi Passiko. This camp of ours, must not end up with people liking to come and go as they please. And I hope Camp Master Kaiwen and Cheng Shing will take note that such a thing will not happen in CEP. For so far, some of our youth leaders have been discouraging in their efforts. Please ensure your GLs would stay through out the camp and also the committee members support you all the way. I don't expect the world, but when it comes to commitment for your position in camp or in the youth group, please fulfill with your utmost responsibility, for without you, there is NO ONE else to take over the duties as a youth leader.

At Camp L.I.O.N.S, Zhenglin, Pearson, Ernest and Vicky have done us proud, along with older guards Mao Mao that they are able to handle the camp with just a mere 5 member games committee to secure all games. Of course, with the kind help of the other brothers and sisters in the other youth groups, that we can complete the job. What about the rest? Who's stepping up after Vicky goes to army, for games? Also for messing, once again Zekui and Amy were stuck whole day along with in-charge Pearly in the kitchen, for-going all works.

With this, i leave you people the act of contemplation and reflection upon your efforts for this half of the year.
Also, an important announcement to make, we expect the whole group of members and youth leaders to be at this event:

Event: SBM Youth Leisure Camp
Days: 20th - 21st June 2009 (This Sat and Sun)
Agenda: Committee reconstruction, youth leaders updates, games just for SBM people, and feedback sessions.
Attendance: Compulsory

This is UBER important and i hope all of you would be there, when i mean all, i hope all can be there. If you have certain reasons, please ensure that its valid and you have informed. If not, please ensure that u are there. As repeated, i EXPECT all of u to be there. For we are going to announce some really important things and we would like to know exactly what u feel about SBM. So come prepared.

I hope you guys would understand the level of seriousness in this message and would continue to seek viriya in your works at SBM Youth.

See you at this week's leisure camp!

With lots of metta,
Alvin Yeo and Alvin Liew

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