Thursday, June 25, 2009

Pictures of Post PTF camp

A long walk to the beach
Finally after 8 years of CEP we get to use the canoe!!!

You really don't know whats underneath

An artistic shot. No comments

Briefing done by safety officer general Alvin yeo

Ernest was enjoying the sun at first

Then kenna arrowed to push saftey officer

Another shot of the beautiful scenery

The biggest and widest smile I've seen in the water. Ying hui's happy!

Moss filled ground
LOL no comments
Saftey officers
Natural smiles of youths having fun. Its lovely


Beloved MJR girls and PTF Camp GLs

LOL Wong Fei Hong?

A picture I felt beautifully composed in terms of colouring and contrast. However, the position of Cherise was too centralised.

Alvin waiting for his turn

Whats with the

There were many dogs at LCK. This picture is kinda ironic. The dogs seem to be imprisoned but in fact they are truely free to roam in their natural habitat.

The long and winding road

The search for the sunken canoe

These photos were taken by Cherise, Kaiwen and Zeming. It was a fun day out for our members and will stay as a lovely memory in our hearts. It was a day to bond and reward our members with an experience of praticipating in the activities that they have been organising in CEP for so many years.
I wish all the best for our members and friends of SBM youth group. May you all be successful, healthy and happy!
I'll be updating more pictures to come! stay tuned!!!!

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