Tuesday, June 16, 2009


First off the details for the camp as as follows:

Dates- 18th - 20st June (21st June for those who wish to stay the night and chill)
Meeting time for transport - 8:45 AM Lavender MRT on the 18th of June

I need a few people to confirm they can be ON TIME on Thursday since the campers are gathering there at 9 AM and we need some people to greet them.

Structure of Groups:

Three groups with even number of children. There should be 3-4 older "GLs" in the group. No special training is needed for the GLs. It's really very straight forward. Just check if anyone has to go to the toilet, is hungry, tired, or feeling sick. Also assist them with their projects. For the games join in! Just be aware of how much smaller then you some of them are.

Time Table and Games: (games are inside the time table document)

I've attached the time table and the description of the games to the email. Please read through and learn how to play the games! They're all really simple since most of the kids are under 10. If you'd like to suggest a change to a game do so before Wed so we can make arrangements.

Arts, Crafts, Filming:

During the camp, the kids will be making the sets and costumes they need to portray their assigned group stories. (View attached) The GLs can act as extra's in the plays but in general try and let the kids do the acting. : ) The kids don't have lines, so just help them with 'blocking' out the scenes and such. Also help with making the costumes, maybe cutting things out for the kids and letting them decorate them. Guage the kids age to see how much help they need.

The whole camp will be very relaxed and care free so don't stress!

Love, Juulia

(Anyone care for a blonde joke?)

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