Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Blood Donation Drive

the Blood Donation (Group) that happened on the 17th of July 2009 Friday.
the Group met at
Outram Park Station and together tropped down to HSA.

pictures speak a thousand words.

kevin trying to act cute

Before you donate blood, the healthcare professional will check your blood pressure, temperature, and pulse.

Over here, blood is drawn from your finger to test for
blood haemoglobin level, to make sure that you can give blood.

You will lie down on a bed or cot, then he or she will tighten a wrapping, called a tourniquet, on your upper arm to increase the pressure on the veins in your arm so they will swell.

This makes it easier to identify the larger veins and to insert the needle in to the vein. The nurse will clean the area where the needle will be inserted with an antiseptic wash, then insert a large needle into the vein [with anaesthetic of course]

There will be a slight sting, but other than that, the rest of the procedure is relatively painless.

The blood flows through a tube into a sterile plastic bag that holds around one pint (450 ml) of blood, also called one unit.

the Donors~

Kevin Lee


Yuan Yi

simple maths: in total, four youths, 2 doods and 3 female went for donation.
[ 1 was rejected due to age limit]

Hence, mission accomplished!

and not to forget, hats off to Cherise Cho who made the effort to try for a donation but was sadly, rejected due to the absence of a written parental consent. kudos to her!

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some information were taken from the website of Milton S.Hershey Medical Centre, Colllege of Medicine.

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