Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Intra-Religious Harmony.

Dear all,

As a letter of appeal out there to individuals or members that may be reading this, please take note:

According to the National Day Rally Speech as per delivered by our Prime Minister, the main issue that took up most of the speech was definitely religion, and inter-religious harmony. However, with the constant probing of unknown c-boxers that have been perturbing the harmony that our youth group have earned to enjoy, i would like to post a note of warning and reminder to all who are reading this blog on an issue of intra-religious harmony.

Singapore Buddhist Mission Youth Group welcomes one and all to contribute with sincere hearts and minds to assist in sharing sessions, youth activities and adult committee activities. We also sincerely hope that members alike would also be mindful of their actions in their daily lifestyles in order to continue your practices.

However it has come to my attention that there are one, if not, several entities in the past few months that have been engaged in activities directed at the disruption of the youth group's activities. As the Vice-President of Development to the ones involved, it is with a firm understanding that we would not hesitate to exclude you from our activities should your actions involved the following:

- Disruption of meetings/sharing sessions with alternative messages of agenda from another entity.
- Conversations or Actions that cause distractions and resulting in complaints from our REGISTERED youths in the nominal roll.
- Any other form of processes that is targeted at de-stabilizing or disrupting the day-to-day activities of he youth group.

We have identified the entities involved and as a reminder, this is a post to remind you of our duties as a buddhist to carry on your practise with peace and absolute mindfulness, and should you have the heart to carry on with SBM Youth, we would welcome you with open arms, if your heart does not have an agenda. This not only applies to youths, but also individuals who have your own personal agenda. However, if you are unable to have a good focus or vision with the youth group, and continue to disrupt the activities, I would not hesitate to exercise my duties and take action along with the development division to alleviate this issue.

Let me add on that this letter of reminder comes with the blessings shown by our resident monk, Ven. Dhammika even in his letter to the youths in SBM in an effort to clarify on these issues.

Should you have your own personal enquiry and would like to understand more of these details, please do not hesitate to email me at alvino84@gmail.com to converse.

VP Development
SBM Youth
Yeo Han Yong Alvin

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