Monday, September 7, 2009

Hello everyone.

This saturday, 12 september will be a Bonding session for this coming December CEP. There are some changes to the camp. As many GLs are having O levels and A levels. We have decided to make two bonding camp so that people that miss this camp can make it for the second one.

The schedule will be:

9.00-9.30 Puja at SBM (Please follow this meeting time instead of the one at the right panel.)
9.30-11.30 Breakfast/lunch/travel to Pulau Ubin
11.30-3.30 Picnic, cycling, games
3.30-4.00 Return to ferry terminal, as well as to main land
4.00-5.00 Prepare food and travel to Changi beach
5.00-6.00 OTOT
6.00- 9.00 BBQ!

Please bring about 20dollars for this event. It is for your own food, BBQ and as well as ubin boat ride and bikes.

This is an event where staying over is not compulsory, however, it'll be good if you can stay over.

Date: 12 september 2009
Time: 9am at SBM
Things to bring:
Extra clothes
$20 dollars at least
Water bottle

Please be punctual! We don't wish to drag the program. Seee you at SBM!

CS and Kaiwen,
Camp masters for CEP 2009

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