Tuesday, September 15, 2009

I think I finally know what are some of the things that can really make me smile truly: watching you guys have so much fun.

I think all of you are no more kids already. You guys are my peers now and rightly so. I think once a youth pass the 18 barrier, their maturity curve accelerates.

When you are 24 and they are 18, it isn't really as huge a barrier as when you were 20 and they were 14.

It does take me sometime to realise that they are no more kids, and that I should stop nagging and behaving as if I am their old uncle. But really what to do when the first time you met most of them was when they were 13 and you were 19?

Time flies a lot once you are above 18. Cherish your time well, live your life properly and guided by the Buddha-Dhamma.

- Brother Bear (not uncle)

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