Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Kite Flying!

Last weekend, SBM youths had an outing to the Marina Barrage at Marina South. The activity was organised by Ananda group headed by Pearson. It was a picnic and kite flying day!

As you could see from the pictures, the weather was scorching hot at 4.30pm but we had lots of fun trying to fly the kites as well as taking great pictures (a.k.a cam whoring).

Among all the fun taking pictures, I had the time to reflect and enjoy the cool breeze arriving from the sea. I cant remember when was the last time I had the time to just sit by the sea, be part of nature and just relax. I'm not talking about chilling at a bar or havin time to relax with friends and do nothing, but just time for yourself, time to be part of nature and re-evaulate your goals and focus in life. As we grow older, schoool, work and external commitments continue to pile up and draw us away from oursleves. I am glad and thankful that this trip to the barrage was organised and it was really refreshing. I also found back my old cheerful me that day which had been drawn away from all the work and stress.

On the ground, Fu Zhong, Kaiwen, Keith, Pearly, Pearson and many others were trying so hard to get their Dual-stringed kites to fly! I was very amused at how they were trying to compete to see who could bring the kites to the skies. Somehow the kite couldn't rise into the air. Its so ironic that as Buddhist we see that the more strings that are attached to the kite, the harder it is to rise.

Way above, I could see kites of vairous sizes flying at different altitudes in the clear blue sky. Since the begining of time, people have dreamt of flying in the sky. Right here, my friends are all so eager to get their kites high up in the sky as fast as possible. It seems that somehow within each and everyone of us we long to be free and unbounded from the ground that we are walking on. If the kites represents the freedom, joy and bliss from liberation, the strings of attachment would have represented our defilments and ignorance that is attaching us back to the ground. All the more so for the dual-stringed kites which could hardly fly!

Finally, I would love to go back to the barrage to break free away from the bustling city life which aptly could be seen right across the river from the barrage!

Thank you Pearson for organising it. Enjoy the pictures!

P.S. please make sure we plan our food properly next time!

Fu Zhong cracks me up when he started running around with a fully blown rain coat! They wanted to tie strings to it to see if it could fly. Apparently he really couldnt wait to get a kite up.

The clear blue sky that I mentioned earlier

Kaiwen practising mass dance moves for Camp!

Keith trying to fly the kite with the crane

I'm sorry Mabel but this really cracks me up!

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