Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Hello hello

Hope all of you are getting on fine with life. Be it exams or holidays or attachments or FYPs or prepping for exams or chao-genging.

Whichever the case. I'm here to make some announcements.

First off would be that I'm looking for people to go to Manjusri Secondary School to publicize CEP on 21 October 2009! Do contact me at 84449911 if you are interested! everyone is highly encouraged to come.

Secondly: Auntie Khema's email

If the Youth members could send me from time to time any articles on Buddhism, Youth activities or information of upcoming acitivities, including photographs, it would certainly lighten my load, would be of meritorious acts of contribution to the community of Buddhists and it would also spread the good news about what SBM youths are doing. I may not be able to publish every thing that comes to me in the immediate newsletter but it certainly will be published in subsequent newsletters.
I am also looking for youths, especially youths who are IT savy, who could work with me and be trained to do SBM's newsletter. I am in urgent need of someone who can help just to arrange articles and photographs in the newsletter. It's done once in two months.They don't have to write nor edit.
If you could spread the word and get a few youths, I would be very grateful.
Also do me a favour, one of the youths promised to send me details of the trip to Ubin. Could you ask the youth to furnish me with the details by Tuesday 15th?
Hope to hear from you soon,

So there you go. anyone up for the job?

and please send the ubin trip details!

Yours Sincerely,

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