Thursday, December 24, 2009

Smiles work miracles

by Tessa

CEP'09 ended with blast. Surprising to realize that it was my first ever time attending a full camp, without leaving the campsite at all due to trainings or other commitments. Must say that the feeling of attending full camp and partial camp sure is different! So arriving at the site on Day 1, we just bumped into a group, which we later recognized to be ours. Fisherman's Friends started of from strangers in Day 1 to acquaintances in Day 2 to friends in Day 3. Staying throughout the whole camp really allowed me to see how the group has progressed and performed gradually, and especially how their attitude towards camp had transformed from nothing to something.

Being GL wasn't something new, but just as always, when I was assigned to a whole new group, I always have the jitters and uncertainty of what might lie ahead. The objective was always the same, I wanted them to have fun, to open up and ultimately be inspired by the dharma, but just as always, it's easier said than done. Honestly, when I first met with my group, I didn't have the confidence that I would be able to lead them properly. But things got better as the days progressed as the campers gradually began to open up and get high and enthusiastic. But the most amazing part was still the campfire. Quickly through the song singing, everyone got scattered everywhere, and were separated from their groups. But occasionally, glancing at the initially refused-to-move-an-inch campers, which where now shaking and waving and dancing crazily along with the music, it got really heart-warming and satisfying. Afterall, it's the satisfaction of the campers towards the camp that denotes the success rate, and I'm pretty sure that the campers had great fun in these few days. I really liked to see you all smiling and laughing and singing crazily away. Seeing that made every sweat, blood and effort we put into camp very very worthwhile, just for you. Ahhh, I don't know how to express all my thoughts and feeling properly but ahhhh, love manymanyyyyyy! <3

And I really owe Yi Xiang and Elysia a very very extremely big thank you for leading the group in any and every possible way. Thank you for being so ever ready since the moment camp began and continuously looking towards camp in a positive attitude. Thank you for your encouraging words and lively spirits. Thank you for being there. Couldn't have done it without you all. (:

And thank you Fisherman's Friend for making CEP'09 a memorable and enjoyable time for me. You guys are awesome (:

And Brilliant job to the other GLs and Organisers as well. Excellent-Well Done! Zi high moment was fun while it lasted. haha (:

And for all those who are sick and lost their voices, get well soon!

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