Monday, January 11, 2010

Reso-Nation: Pilot Music Project and Concert

Hi Guys!


I bet i must have bugged some of you with this new initiative that we have conjured up, a music group that concentrates itself with good,intensive training, yet not taking away the fun part of music, and getting our youths ready for performance!

As mentioned to music enthusiasts in the group, this initiative provides a platform for music enthusiasts to come together, share their talents with fellow youths and hopefully, in this exciting chemistry, be able to conjure up a performance worthy of showcase!

Speaking about showcase, there would be a special showcase concert in September annually, beginning with this year, where we would allow the students of the course to fully express whatever they have learnt and practised over the months, and present it to their loved ones, family members and friends!

Here are the rough guidelines as to the time schedules for training every year:
End January - End March (Phase 1 of practise - vocal training and instrumental bonding)
April - End May (Break for Exams)
June - August (Phase 2 of practise - Full Performance trainings and instrumental additions)
September - Concert!
October - November (Break for Exams)
December - Possibility of up to 2-3 performances!
January (New Year Break and Recruitment)

Okay the guidelines are just to ensure students that we do bother and care about your studies and if you look at it, the commitment level is just between 6 months only! So i guess the only other attractive thing i would talk about is, the fees are free!
Training times would be every Saturday before sharing sessions, between 11.30am - 1.30pm!
This is to facilitate your participation in sharing as well as not taking away too much of your weekend!

So with so many different reasons for you to come join us, Let's Reso-nate in the best possible way in a team together!

If you are interested to join us, please email me at or contact me at 97986072 for more details! We will most likely begin our group trainings on 30th January, so do grab the opportunity to join us!!

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