Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Reso-nation, Sharing then BBQ (@ my place)

UPDATE for 30th January 2010, Saturday Activites

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Hello everyone. As you all know, this coming saturday which is the 30th of Jan, would be Reso-nation's very first session. All those who registered for it, please reach SBM before 12pm!

Sharing will be as per normal, 2pm right after Reso-nation. For those coming for sharing only, same. Please be punctual!

Right after sharing, we'll be having a chill out BBQ session @ one of Ananda House Captain's house . Getting there is easy, we'll bring you there so don't worry, its near SBM. Just a bus ride away. And after that, its free and easy. Theres also a swimming pool so if any of you guys want a dip, bring extra clothes.
Showers are not confirmed @ the moment. I'll try to speak to the management to allow the toilets be opened for the night.

Those who have already confirmed their attendace for the BBQ, please bring 5 bucks with you for the food. Thanks and buddha bless!

If anyone of you have any queries, please contact Pearson @ 97223431 or your respective House Capts. Contacts are @ the right side of the blog.

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