Sunday, February 7, 2010

Something to share with everyone!A heartwarming truth story.

THE heart-tugging video diary of Christian the lion, a big cat who lived in a London antiques shop, has become an internet sensation - 38 years after he was returned to life in the African bush. The home movie has been watched 6m times on YouTube and other sites, rekindling celebrity for two Australians who bought a lion cub from Harrods in 1969 to impress their friends.

The trio became stars in Chelsea, playing football in a park, but Christian grew too big and at 18 months he was moved to the Kenyan wildlife sanctuary featured in the film Born Free.
A year later his former owners, John Rendall and Anthony Bourke, visited the sanctuary, but its founder, George Adamson, warned them to stay away from Christian, who was now in the wild and had his own pride. He said the lion would tear them to pieces.
Instead, as the film shows, Christian rushed towards them, putting his paws on Rendall’s shoulders and licking his face in joy. It is a moment of touching friendship that has reduced millions to tears, say critics, who believe Christian, along with other “positive” video hits such as the dancing man, where a chunky American dances badly across the world, show how the net is becoming more family-friendly.

After the meeting, Christian was never seen again.

What intrigued me about these videos was the caring and love between human and animal, and the memories each had despite the years apart.(:

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