Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Manjusri Secondary Sec 1 Camp

Manjusri Secondary School

Sec 1 Camp is organized by members of Manjusri Secondary School's Buddhist Interact Club, to orientate their secondary one juniors into a new phase of life. For the second year running, the youths from SBM were invited by the organisers to help out with the camp. Photos courtesy of Zeming.

Attendance taking.

Rayner is a happy boy in the morning.

Early morning briefing by Alvin.

Fresh for secondary school life experience.

Getting Started.

Zhi Xiong Kor Kor.

Eunice fierce.

Meal Time.

Never enough for Yeow Chong.

Venerable Chuan Guan conducted a session.
The kids enjoyed his session.

Under the table.

In between chairs.

BIC Teacher-in-Charge, Mrs. Cheng giving out the prizes.

Sec 1 Camp, Success!

Thank you members of Buddhist Interact Club for another great camp!

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